Third Party Liability Insurance in Switzerland

Posted on: August 28th, 2011 by publisher

After having spent a couple of months here it will become apparent that almost everyone has third party liability insurance in Switzerland. It isn’t particularly expensive but it is assumed that you have it. Since the majority of residents live in rental accommodation, this type of insurance can be particularly useful. Renters are able to call upon their¬† third party liability insurance if they accidentally cause damage to the apartment or house. The classic case which can assume giant proportions is the case of the lost apartment key.

Losing apartment keys can be expensive

Property owners and other residents in apartment blocks are paranoid about the idea of a lost key being misused and resulting in theft and damage. You will need to get written permission from the owner in order to have a duplicate key cut and if the loss occurred in the neighborhood or you lost it together with a form of identification it will be assumed that the key will be misused. Under these circumstances, the property owner will insist on changing the locks accessible by your key and issuing new keys to the other residents. This can quickly amount to a considerable cost. You will be able to claim this cost on your private third party liability insurance but you will however need to inform the property owner immediately of the loss of a key.

If the key was lost in other circumstances such as in another part of town without any means of connecting the lost key with an address then the costs will likely be substantially lower.


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